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Lake Baikal. Meet our video.

After the wild autumn storms, when mountain peaks are totally covered with snow fur hats and severe Siberian frosts are getting close to the last remains of summer warmth, the…

Kamchatka album.

Kamchatka is an attractive and unrealizable dream of many travellers, a far and magical corner of the vast Country. The earth is hot with the breath of dormant volcanoes and…


A few brief pictures from the amazing North. ADVENTURETIME TEAM

Explore Yamal

Be a part of the ancient nomadic culture of the Siberian Arctic on this immersive experience, staying in the winter camps of Nenets – nomad people of Yamal. As the…

Nomads Of The North.

And once again about the North. About people whom we met, and about those whom Yamal received as a guest and has not yet released back. And music... like small…

Altay 2015.

Ролик о фото-экспедиции на Алтай нашей дружной интернациональной группы.

Altay 2015. Backstage.

Вернувшись домой и разобрав почти весь материал, так не хочется отпускать от себя это ощущение полнейшего счастья, которое преследовало тебя на протяжении почти 2-х недель, несмотря на недосып и усталость,…

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