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Lago Pehoe.

This is how Jules Verne described Patagonia in his unforgettable book “The Children of Captain Grant”: “The Argentinian pampas stretch from 29 to 40 southern latitude. “Pampas” is an Araucanian word meaning “a plain of grass”. This kind of name is the best to go with this place. Mimosa bushes in its western part and magnificent long grass in its eastern part give it a special look. All these plants penetrate with their roots deep into the earth under which there's a layer of red and yellow clay and sandy soil. The American pampas is a very special geographical phenomenon just like the savannas of the Lake District or the Siberian steppes. It is typical for the continental climate of pampas to have more severe winters and more sultry summers than in the province of Buenos Aires.”
The most beautiful places of this planet are probably here, exactly on our route. Fitz Roy, glowing in the morning light, ice lagoons, with huge turquoise pieces of ancient ice-house, floating in their untroubled waters… Impenetrable acacia bushes burning with autumn fire, and the Chile Cuernos Mountains, standing upright, cutting up with their sharp blades the glorious morning clouds dashing straight into their faces… Words are not enough to describe this! And this is really almost unbelievable… For decades, or maybe even for centuries, the bravest romantic travellers dared to just give a sigh while reading again and again the novel by Jules Verne, whispering and chanting this frightening but still attractive and magnificent word: PA-TA-GO-NI-A.

TYPE OF TOUR: photo workshop
DURATION: 7 days
VISA TYPE: Argentina and Chilie (if applicable)
DIFFICULTY CATEGORY: there's no need for any special skills for this tour to all of the locations we get to the car
INCLUDED: all transfers during the tour, staying in a double room in a hotel, breakfasts in hotel, care and supervision of experienced guides from ADVENTURETIME, minivan rent during relocations, petrol payment, instructions and help with landscape and panoramic photography.
NOT INCLUDED: airfare to El-Calafate (You should arrive to El-Calafate airport till 3:00 PM 15 April, 2018), lunches and dinners (20-50usd/per day), alcoholic drinks, personal expenses and means of communication, health insurance, souvenirs, a single room supplement-(USD450), visa (if applicable).
If you still have any questions concerning participating this workshop write to us via Watsapp or Viber +79857737282  or write to us via mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
PHOTO CREDITS workshop leader Vladimir Kushnarev.


Day 1. The group meets in El Calafate airport on April, 15, and next there's going to be a group transfer into a comfortable hotel in the centre of El-Calafate. Today is the right day for you to have a rest after the long flight or to take a walk around the numerous souvenir stands and shops of El-Calafate.(//)

Day 2. Straight after breakfast we pack our luggage into van and leave for Chile. Yes, my dear friends, it's like that – by lunch or a bit later we will find ourselves in our hotel. Next there will be a evening and night photo session at Pehoe Lake.(B//)

Day 3. We are going to leave for the mountains while it's still dark to get to the most beautiful lagoon by dawn. The Cuernos Mountains are cutting up with their sharp blades the clouds, dashing right into them in the dim morning light… Have you ever imagined being there?.. Returning to the hotel for breakfast. Having a rest in the afternoon. Then follows a evening photo session in our favourite spots by the lake.(B//)

Day 4. A morning photo session at locations near a waterfall. Today after breakfast we are going to leave for Puerto Natales, a picturesque port town. An evening photo session in Puerto Natales. Getting back to the hotel after dark. Having a rest.(B//)

Day 5. For those who are ready to go on with getting up early we've prepared a wonderful morning location not far from the hotel. Catching up light and enjoying the unbelievable landscapes. In the afternoon we shall go on an excursion to the ice house at Gray Lake. An evening photo session.(B//)

Day 6. Today we are going to travel again to the most beautiful locations. The Torres del Paine National Park is famous for its unpredictable and scatterbrained character. We can't afford relying on chance. Straight after breakfast at our hotel we'll be leaving for the Argentinian border. We'll be in El-Calafate by evening.(B//)

Day 7. Today we are not in a hurry at all. We shall take a walk shopping at the local stands and shops buying out souvenirs for friends. Returning to the hotel for breakfast. Packing things and leaving for El-Calafate airport after lunch. Our Chile Patagonia journey has come to it's end, and we're saying good-buy to it, my dear friends.(B//)

Payment Procedure

In order to secure your spot, you are required to transfer a deposit of $500. This deposit will be refunded only in case the workshop gets cancelled for some reason. For your comfort, the deposit can be payed either through PayPal or via bank transfer (contact us for details).
The full amount (after discounts if applicable) must be payed via wire transfer 75 days prior to the workshop starting date.
In the case you need to cancel your participation, a 67% refund (excluding deposit) will be given up to 60 days prior to the workshop starting date and a 33% refund up to 45 days prior to the workshop starting date.
We reserve the right to increase the price of the workshop if costs rise due to unexpected changes in fees, taxes or exchange rates.


The tour plan above is subject to change. If weather conditions are unfavorable we might not be able to fulfil some of the planned activities.
Important: In order to join the workshop, you will be required to sign a contract that establishes that the tour leaders are not responsible to physical or proprietary damages, and that you understand and accept several behavioral standards (including not taking excessive risk), necessary to ensure the workshop's success and your safe return. 
Whale sightings arean't guaranteed, but they are very likely.


Photography Equipment

  • A digital camera, preferrably a DSLR camera with a full-frame sensor, since these cameras have better low-light capabilities. However, a crop-sensor DSLR will also completely suffice. A compact camera can be used, as long as you understand its limitations.
  • A light, sturdy tripod for shooting in windy conditions.
  • An ultra wide angle lens. For example, a Canon 17-40 on a FF sensor camera, or a Nikon 10-24 on a crop sensor camera.
  • A midrange zoom lens such as a 24-70mm
  • A telephoto zoom lens, such as a 70-200 or 70-300 (recommended). Doesn't have to have a wide aperture or a stabilizer - an f/4 is more than enough.
  • Recommended: A filter set for landscape photography. I personally use Lee and Heliopan filters. A good filter set is worth its weight in gold for a landscape enthousiast. If you need to consult about buying a filter set, I'll be happy to help.
  • Recommended: A camera remote.


  • Full thermal gear is essential. I typically wear a light thermal base layer, a fleece coat and sometimes a down coat.
  • Good quality warm gloves. It's important to use gloves which enable you to operate the camera while wearing them.
  • Water resistant hiking pants.
  • Windbreaker / rain jacket.
  • Thermal long-johns or thermal pants (or both).
  • Thermal socks (2-3 pairs).
  • A good warm hat which covers your ears.
  • A wide hat and sun glasses for sunny days
  • Good quality hiking boots.


  • Highly recommended: A sleeping bag rated -10 to -15 degrees centigrade for maximal comfort.
  • Recommended: An inflatable sleeping mat and an inflatable pillow (contact me for help).
  • Headlamp.
  • Pills against motion-sickness for the boat sail, in case you're especially sensitive.
  • Sunglasses.



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