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Crimea. 17-26.10.2020

Art Piloting Workshop in Crimea.

You are an owner of a drone but do not know how to overcome the fear of the first flight?
Your hands are shaking even before the drone has taken off?
You have been flying for a long time but the videos you make still aren't followed by much applause?
You feel like practicing with an experienced pilot but do not know how and where you can do it?
We are ready to help you find answers to all your questions! How?
We have prepared the first workshop on the artistic piloting of a drone for artistic videography and photography.
This is not an ordinary workshop, in the sense that we have not found a single mention in the internet about conducting such a training program anywhere. Are we going to be the first again?
Hooray!!!!! And ... Oh, God, please help us!!!
So, it hasn't been long since flying cameras came into our lives... Cameras suspended from a helicopter, a balloon, an eagle's back, having fallen off a cliff don't count... Of course, we're speaking about drones! Quite recently this has seemed fantastic, and now it's a reality, almost usual and affordable for most people, without exaggeration. The possibilities of models of the last 1,5-2 years easily overlap amateur expectations, and sometimes this material can even be used in semi-professional purposes. Speaking about the possibilities, we mean, of course, the resolution of lenses and matrixes to record photo and video material. And if it's more or less clear with taking photos - you take off, come closer, built up a composition, take a picture and go home - that's it... It's much more complicated with filming a video, way more complicated...
In photography there are as many as three main tools for visual transmission of information. Only three or as many as three? Probably as many as three because beginners or more experienced photographers often neglect even these three and use them very-very carelessly. As for a video, especially having made from a drone... Wow!.. There're at least twice as many of these tools! There're six, and if you take a video sequence I'll add another one or two... And here's the difficulty: if you don't make each of these tools work for you, then any of them, just like a chorus singer with a sore throat, will disturb the overall ensemble of your final video. Do you want to know why? And what are the six magic tools? Then this workshop is for you!
What else will we look at in our classes?
- How can one set up an app for the safest flight possible?
- What is an active and a passive security and what can happen if it is neglected?
- How can you use your drone at maximum?
- How can you choose an object for shooting and what will the flight course depend on?
- What's a two- and a three-vector course?
- How can you choose music for your movie?
- What's an archetypal image and how can one learn to speak the language of archetypes to the audience?
Oh, and by the way, we forgot to mention... Have you heard anything about the drone manufacturers' conspiracy against videographers? You really haven't heard? We'll tell you about it. We're not kidding, you'll be surprised!
You will transform all the knowledge gained during our theoretical lectures into strong skills through daily morning and evening flight sessions, at least one hour per day. "At least" does not mean not more than one hour. We'll do our best to fly as much as possible as it is during a flight that you improve and consolidate skills and, therefore, grow up as a pilot.
We believe that such a training program is the best and most effective means of teaching artistic piloting.
You will have to start preparing for this workshop at home, and that is:
- study the laws of your country about the rights and rules of using a drone;
- explore the app and its basic (main) settings. If you are too lazy to read the manual (we can also be too lazy to open it)) you can watch free lessons on one of video hostings as the good thing is that nowadays every blogger shows not only unpacking boxes with drones but also makes a brief overview of the basic flight characteristics))
Why did we choose Crimea? Here we can find an endless variety of landscapes - from the sea coast to mountain chains. Natural beech forests are covered with crimson autumn colours, and autumn night fogs rising from the still warm sea will let us practice shooting "air pics" of different density and transparency, which gives us a unique opportunity to show the volume and completeness of the image.
We're going to fly around the most beautiful but at the same time the quietest places in Crimea where there are no communications and no densely populated areas. It is in such places that we can take up training and creative work without attracting unnecessary attention to our flights.
Are you still thinking? Then watch our video "Crimea. Light and Mist". Do you want to pilot your drone the same way? We are waiting for you!


Among other things, we have a lot of options so that you do not get bored by pure theory and flights, for example:
- wine cellars of the New World and visiting a wine boutique in Balaklava;
- visiting an oyster farm and tasting the freshest oysters in Katsiveli;
- a boat trip and fishing in the sea in Balaklava with lunch on board the ship;
- traditional Tatar cuisine in the best cafes of Crimea and swimming on the Royal Beach;
- and much, much more.


Day 1  Arriving in Moscow. Checking in. Walk the city. Short brief during the dinner to discuss our further itinerary. (//D)

Day 2 Transfer to the airport. Departure for Simferopol. Transfer to our hotel. Day time lecture. Evening Piloting Practices. (B/L/D)

Day 3  Morning piloting practices. Day time lecture. Evening piloting practices. (B/L/D)

Day 4 Morning piloting practices. Day time lecture. We checking out and driving to our next location. Checking in. Evening piloting practices. (B/L/D)

Day 5 Morning piloting practices. Day time lecture. Evening piloting practices. (B/L/D)

Day 6 Morning piloting practices. Day time lecture. We checking out and driving to our next location. Checking in. Evening piloting practices. (B/L/D)

Day 7 Morning piloting practices. Day time lecture. Evening piloting practices. (B/L/D)

Day 8 Morning piloting practices. Day time lecture. We checking out and driving to our next location. Checking in. Evening piloting practices. (B/L/D)

Day 9 Morning piloting practices. Day time lecture. Evening piloting practices. (B/L/D)

 Day 10 Breakfast. Group transfer to the airport of Simferopol. Departure for Moscow. Transfer to hotel. Checking in. Time to rest. Our unforgettable trip and workshop is over. (B/L/D)


Workshop Price Includes

  • Pick up at Moscow airport  Pickup at specified time, drop off may vary according to group flight times.
  • Domestic airfare Moscow-Simferopol-Moscow (economy class, cabin luggage 8kg, luggage 23kg)
  • Professional photography and videography guidance by award-winning landscape photographer with vast experience in Russia
  • Double or tween accommodation in Moscow and Simferopol 
  • Meal according to the program.
  • All group transfers according to the itinerary
  • All lectures according to the itinerary.  Assistance in your piloting  atc.


 Workshop Price Does Not Include

  • International airfare to/from Moscow airport
  • Airport pickup and dropoff outside of agreed-upon times
  • Visa fee (if applicable)
  • Personal expenses such as drinks, tickets, phone calls, etc;
  • Travel Insurance;
  • Single room supplement (USD600) 
  • Alcoholic drinks

Price $3800 USD 

Group limit 6

Payment terms

Your deposit of $1000 USD will hold your place in this workshop. Further payment of $1500 USD is due by April 17, 2020 Further final payment of $1300 USD is due by July 17, 2020. In case of impossibility of your participation in this tour, we will refund all payments minus the fee for the transfer of money if there is a replacement for your spot.

What to bring

  • DJI drone (Phantom, Mavic, Inspire). You can also bring similar model of the drone but we can't guarantee we can advise how to adjust alternative applications.
  • As minimum 3 spare accumulators for your drone. Charging hub for your accumulators (220v/12v).
  • ND filters for your drone camera (6-8 stops).
  • Spare propellers for your drone. As minimum 8 (2 full kits). 
  • Memory cards for your drone. 32 or 64Mb per day of piloting practice.
  • Digital camera, spare accumulators, tripod and remote if you are are going to practice in landscape photography.
  • Headlamp

Temperatures in Moscow

Day +15C high to +5C low

Night +10C high to 0C low

Temperatures in Simferopol

Day +25C high to 15C low

Night +20 high to +10C low 

Tour and Workshop Leader

Vladimir Kushnarev.

Professional photographer, guide. In addition to photography and travel, Vladimir conducts professional workshops on post-processing in Photoshop and Lightroom editors, panoramic photography, night landscape photography.
Spending a lot of time travelling, he still manages to take part in some contests.
Here are a few of his latest achievements and awards:

  • First place, the National Geographic 2017 Contest in "night landscape" section
  • First place, the National Geographic 2017 Contest "Planet Summer"
  • First place, 35PhotoAwards International Contest in "day landscape" section
  • Bronze Medal, PSA Arctic Awards  2016
  • Silver Award, Epson International Pano Awards, 2017
  • Golden medal, TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT 2019 


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