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Vladimir Kushnarev

Vladimir Kushnarev

You know, I’ve been thinking for a long time what I’m supposed to write here besides “was born” and “graduated from”... You aren’t  interested in my diplomas or my political views very much, are you? Very often all these things have no direct correlation with what a person is, with the way he is living his life and what he becomes in this world.

Our life is a complicated but rather short moment of time. How can a person walk along this road without regretting of what he hasn’t done or accomplished? How can one find time to fill life to the full with bright colours and emotions, and also with friends with whom he or she will be ready to take up this journey to the end? One shouldn’t be wasting life time in a constant race for imposed values. They will take a person nowhere and make him forget his main mission.

To live and to discover this world. To share your feelings and impressions. To treasure what you have and to make the lives of those who are dear to you brighter and purer. To live with emotions but not with material objects. To live now and today. To create and to love. And to travel, of course. Why am I writing this? Just because I think there’re many of us – people who have the same views in this life. And it seems to me we have something to tell each other and something to surprise each other with.
























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