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Olga Kapustina

Olga Kapustina

My name’s Olga Kapustina and I’m a professional dreamer. And this is my natural gift which guides me in my life, wakes me up in the morning and determines the most unexpected and wonderful turnings of my life. Does that sound too self-assertive? Not at least! I’m sure that our consciousness, faith and dreams are the things that model the reality around us, and these are our lives and destiny. And also love! I know for sure that love is the best and the most working motivation both in one’s private life and in one’s professional activity. I love photography, and children, and my family. And I also love to study very much, to master new arias of knowledge. New people and new countries inspire me and recharge my batteries. Having experience in travelling on my own since I was twelve as well as feeling free to communicate in several languages allows me not only to watch the life of people of different cultures but also to plunge deep into the local life during any trip.
My favourite direction is North. My professional interest in Scandinavian countries has grown up into my deep understanding and knowing the region. That’s why the routs I follow as a professional guide these days mostly take one beyond the Arctic circle. I can speak English and Swedish fluently, have good command of Norwegian, also speak some German. The northern countries and regions nature and aesthetics are concordant with my idea of beauty. And I also think it to be very important and correct to share with others what I truly appreciate and love. That’s really why I’m inviting you to the North! My routs will reveal to you incredibly beautiful and pure lands without crowds of tourists but with genuine nature, with the energy of the wind and water, with interesting contacts and new friendship, with useful skills and abilities. We’ll see authentic life, get experience and energy which will make us better, stronger and more free!

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