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Cancellation Of Tours In March And April 2020

Dear travellers, customers, colleagues, friends

Due to the current situation, we have canceled all our tours for March and April, 2020. We have always tried to support you in your search for happiness and inspire for new discoveries and we understand what it is like to cancel long-awaited trips. It's our first time to find ourselves in a situation like this, and we are only learning to solve it. Your safety and the safety of our staff has always been our top priority, and it is especially important for us now.

We understand that it is not easy to plan trips now as the situation keeps changing every day. Therefore, we are doing our best to make it easier for you to adjust your plans if necessary. We remain in touch via all available means: phone, e-mail, social networks, carrier pigeons.

Take care, and we will definitely go through all this together.

The photo shows our publication in Spring issue of Aeroflot magazine.

With love,


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