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Tick-tock, tick-tock... How fast the time is running. Wasn’t it only yesterday that it was our last day at school? Hardly had we time to look back when a decade passed. Or has it been even longer? Oh yes, we’ve achieved a lot – we’ve had time to fall in love and to give life, we’ve found home and good friends, we’ve made career... But sometimes, when on our own, we feel a bit sorry for our old and not yet fulfilled childhood dreams. The arctic latitudes and the treacherous Drake Strait, the incredible landscapes of the Lofoten Islands and the lavender fields of Provence, the impenetrable jungles of the Amazon and the snow-covered Himalayan mountains. You’ve also been dreaming, haven’t you? And perhaps everything is still ahead? We’re inviting you to travel, to take an interesting and breath-taking trip around our fabulous enormous planet where great discoveries and new friends are waiting for us every second.





Adventuretime is a company created by enthusiastic and purposeful people. Our project is dedicated to travellings and expeditions, workshops in landscape and travel photography which are held by us in the most picturesque spots of our wonderful Planet. The main task of the project is to unite creative and spiritually strong people who are fond of bright ideas, who are in love with this life, with life perception and self-actualization in this vast space into a club society. Every day is unique. Lost possibilities and tremendous plans put-off “till later” don’t meet their realization, as a rule. Live your life today, now! Value every moment you spend with your nears and dears! Love, create and travel!





We’re a team of professional travellers, mountain guides, yachtsmen and photographers.

We don’t ask for go-between services, so our price is always the best. It’s checked.

We don’t offer bulk product. It takes us from a few months up to a year to prepare a programme, that’s why the journeys we offer are unique and there’s a waiting list for some of them.

We accompany all the groups in person, by that guaranteeing the quality.

We’re sincerely in love with our job. Travelling is our passion, way of life and a profession.





Unique group travelling routs and adventure expeditions from Yakutia and Kamchatka to Patagonia and Antarctica.

Planning out and conducting journeys for set groups. There’re no limits. We’re ready for any task in any place in this world. You want a round-the world? You’re welcome!

Organizing corporate tours.

Promo-tours. Motor rallies, yacht regattas, mountain climbing,.. flights to the Moon.

Individual and group landscape photography workshops.

Organizing theme meetings, lectures, seminars, exhibitions.

Still and motion filming of any events and objects, including aerial photography with the use of drones.




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