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Murmansk. 23-30.11.2020

Murmansk. 23-30.11.2020

Chasing Aurora.


I bet that it's been a lo-o-ong time since you got as far as the 70th latitude, on your own accord… And here you are – on the furthest northern coast and by the most obstinate sea in our country.

Even approaching the coast, more than a kilometre from it one can feel the low sound of its breath. The tough northern wind, taking off from the pole is rolling the chains of deep-voiced waves onto the red granite shore, pierced by storms and tides during millions of years. Being caught into the traps of narrow canyons and cliffs cracks, waves wiggling like giant silver snakes jump out, a good ten metres high, up to the glittering sky; but not being able to touch the stars fall from vertical cliffs down, back to the laps of the night tide waters, turquoise in the light of Aurora Borealis.

And if you raise your head you will see the most wonderful and the most magic light show on the planet. Strips of yellow, turquoise and sapphire tints girdle the sky in their incredible dance twisting and interweaving like maiden braids, throwing around billions of glowing precious stones, sending generous gifts to the earth, as if trying to warm up the modest landscape of the northern lands with their magic warmth.

We suggest that you should go with us to the Northern Shore – a very special and unusual place where we are going to do our best on the beaches and in the canyons of the shores of the Barents sea during six nights. We shall follow the route of Aurora Borealis and try to capture the miracle created by nature, with clusters of red cliffs and magic light which came down from heaven…





We have prepared a unique workshop in night photography and in post-processing material which is going to take place from November, 23 till November, 30 2020. Almost without diverting our attention on day photo sessions, we shall cast all our time and might onto Aurora Borealis hunt on the Barents sea coast. We are going to have a rest in the afternoon and in our free time we shall hold a workshop or two in processing the material.

What is going to be the target of our photo sessions and workshops?

Night photography in general and taking pictures of Aurora Borealis in particular is one of the most difficult subjects in photography. And there are a few reasons for that…

Firstly, there will be difficulties in building up the composition, bearing in mind that composition plays a bigger role during a night photo session than during a traditional one, with direct or reflected sun light.

Secondly, one should consider a number of rules taking pictures of a starry sky for the stars to look natural and definite and not to turn into defused tracks in the photo.

Thirdly, when a dynamic Aurora Borealis appears in the picture the photographer's task gets more difficult as we should not let Aurora's strips and rays turn into a bright mixture… For Aurora's details are a more important part of the photo than the stars.

Working with the foreground and the landscape… How can one make the picture definite within the whole field of the frame in case he has to work with F2,8 diaphragm? How can one minimize noise having a super long exposure? What software tools are there to be used to fight noise while processing the material? How can one highlight the key points in the picture in order to result in a masterpiece of an exhibition level? These are the tasks for our photo sessions and workshops in processing the photos. And while we are packing our bags and cleaning our objective lens for the hundredth time, we suggest that you should go with us to get a portion of emotions and good spirit meeting the Russian North, and we really hope to increase our skills of night landscape photography…




Difficulty level
Beginner level. The longest walk you will have to take up is about 500m-1km, without an elevation gain;

Travelling from the hotel to the photo sessions location can be organized in two ways: a bus, a snowmobile;

The Murmansk area is famous for its unpredictable weather. You should be prepared for temperatures from -15C to -20C at worst and +0C to +5C at best. 
The Flight
We recommend that you should choose a flight to Murmansk (MMK) from Moscow or from St.Petersburg to get there by 1-2 pm on the first day of the program.
On the last day of the program, we plan to be in Murmansk airport (MMK) by 12 am - 1 pm. After that you can check in for your flight or stay in Murmansk if your departure is scheduled for the next day. In that case, do not forget to make hotel reservations.



Day 1. The group meets in Murmansk, a transfer to Teriberka village. Having dinner, getting to know each other. Right after the dinner we will have big workshop (lecture) on the technique of shooting Aurora Borealis. (L/D)

Day 2 – 7. Hunting for Aurora Borealis during the night time and for the good light in the afternoon in case the group would like to have day photo sessions.(B/L/D)

Day 8. Early start out for Murmansk. Departure for Moscow or for St.Petersburg. (B/)

The price of the Aurora Borealis photo tour to Murmansk includes:
  • A double hotel room with facilities;
  • Group round transfer from Murmansk to Teriberka;
  • Group transfers from our hotel to sea coast and back 1 time per night day 2-7;
  • Meals according to the program;
  • 1 Workshop (lecture) on the technique of shooting Aurora Borealis;
  • 2 Post processing workshops (PS+LR);
The price of the Aurora Borealis photo tour To Murmansk doesn't include:
  • International airfare;
  • Domestic airfare to Murmansk(MMK) from Moscow or from St. Petersburg;
  • Health insurance;
  • Single room accommodation in Teriberka village  (+$300 USD);
  • Lunch and dinner on days when it is not listed in the program;
  • Private night transfers from sea coast if you finish shooting early and going to hotel without the group;
Price: $1700 USD
Group limit: 7 people.
Terms of payment:
Your deposit of $1000 USD will hold your place in the tour. Final payment of $700 USD is due by August,15, 2020.
Cancellation and refund policy:
If you are unable to participate in the program, or if you cancel, and the group is complete, we will refund the amount you paid in full minus $200 USD service charge. If after your cancellation the group is still incomplete we will refund according to the following scheme, based on the full fee of the tour:
>180 days before the start of the tour: full refund minus $200 USD service charge;
>90 days: 75% refund;
>60 days: 50% refund;
<60 days: non-refundable.
A list of photo equipment for photo tour to Murmansk:
  • A full-format camera, stable tripod;
  • A wide-angle lens, such as Nikkor 14-24 or Canon 16-35 with aperture 2-2,8;
  • A standard zoom, for example 24-70mm;
  • A telephoto lens, such as 70-200 or 100-400;
  • 2-3 spare batteries for your camera;
  • Optical care products.
A list of necessary wear for photo tour to Murmansk:
  • tracking boots with a hard fluted sole;
  • light shoes to wear in the hotel;
  • high and warm rubber boots for shooting by the water (you will need them at most locations);
  • thermal underware;
  • waterproof pants;
  • a windproof and waterproof jacket;
  • a raincoat;
  • a fleece jacket, or better two;
  • a fleece or knitted hat;
  • fleece gloves;
  • ice crampons;
  • warm socks, 2 pairs;
  • a headlamp + batteries for it;
  • personal first aid kit;
  • personal toiletries.


Tour Leader


Vladimir Kushnarev, mastermind and organizer of the ADVENTURETIME project, photographer, contest winner and prize-winner of international competitions.
First place, the National Geographic 2017, Contest in “night landscape” section;
First place, the National Geographic 2017, Contest “Planet Summer”;
First place, 35PhotoAwards International Contest in “day landscape” section;
Third place, PSA Arctic Awards 2016;
Second place, Epson International Pano Awards, 2017;
The winner of International photo contest of The Russian Geographic Society 2018;
Third place, 35PhotoAwards International Contest 2020;


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