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Canada 20-29.06.2022

Canada 20-29.06.2022


Who is the tour for?

Most likely, you will be extremely surprised to learn that Canadians do not consider their country a tourist Mecca at all. How come? Modesty? Or jealousy? No one told us. But while looking through our photos from Canada we always feel like going there again and again.
If you have already traveled half or most of the world but at the same time you've never stopped in Canada, your heart won't rest in peace. Canada is a real fairytale land. Lord must have been very much in the mood creating these wonderful places.
Three national parks – Yoho, Banff and Jasper – are among the most beautiful parks in the world and are definitely on the list of places one must surely visit during his life.
Yes, we take photos and videos and teach the art of photography and a creative outlook on life. But it is equally interesting being with us for those who have never held a camera in their hands. We're going to see the most amazing places in the most beautiful national parks in the world and we will show you these places in such a way and at such a time of day that you won't have the slightest doubt about the choice of your guides and teachers.
Who knows, maybe you will discover a genuine passion for photography or shooting videos being among like-minded enthusiastic people? This has already happened to our guests more than once.
Life's too short to leave the doors closed. Love, create and travel with us.
Welcome to our team! We've been waiting for you!!!


The Icefields Parkway

The Icefields Parkway is considered one of the most delightful highways in the world. However, wayward Canadians do not agree with this opinion at all and consider this route the most beautiful ever.
Indeed, there are 230 kilometers of excellent highway stretching from the south to the north, along the eastern ridge of the Rocky Mountains, through an endless chain of snow-capped peaks and lakes looking like turquoise saucers, deep canyons and rapid mountain rivers, streams and brooks fed by gray-haired millennia-old glaciers.
The variety of fantastic landscapes and the purest intoxicating mountain air will take your breath away. You will not dare to shoot here at once as none will be able to believe in the reality of these colours...



Difficulty level

Beginner level. The longest walk you will have to take is only 1.5 km, with a slightest elevation gain.
The Canadian Rockies are famous for their unpredictable weather. You should be prepared for temperatures of +10° - +15°C at best or +5° - +10°C at worst.


We recommend that you should choose a flight to Calgary to get there by 2 - 4 pm on the first day of the program.
On the last day of the program, we plan to be in Calgary airport by 12 am - 1 pm. After that you can check in for your flight or stay in Calgary if your departure is scheduled for the next day. In that case, do not forget to make hotel reservations.







Day 1. Our group meets in Calgary airport around 3 pm. We get into cars and set off towards a small cozy hotel on the outskirts of Calgary. We decided to stay in Calgary overnight making sure that our flights and luggage were not delayed. Meeting at dinner and having looong talks about what we're going to be up to in the next few days. (//)
Day 2. Immediately after breakfast we'll leave for the town of Kenmore which will be our shelter for the next night. The journey will take about 2-3 hours. Check in at the hotel, a short rest, and at sunset we'll be catching the reflections of Peak Rundle in the mirror of Lake Vermilion. (//)
Day 3. Right after breakfast and the morning shooting at Vermilion (or Two Jack Lake) we set out for Jasper. Our almost 250-kilometer long journey will take place along the most beautiful highway in the world. We'll make stops for shooting on our way. (//)
Day 4. In the morning we will travel to Lake Maligne. We'll load the tripods and cameras on the ship and sail towards Spirit Island. The journey by water will take about an hour but the place we're going to is worth it. It is not for nothing that it was called the Island of Spirit. Having returned to Jasper, we will go up to the observation deck above the town. We didn't plan to shoot tonight but if you're still feeling strong Pyramid Lake will be waiting for us. (//)
Day 5. After breakfast we pack up and set out for Athabasca Glacier. They say that mountains are fascinating and we strongly agree with this. But billions of tons of age-old ice moving down the mountain a few centimeters a day... You have to see it with your own eyes. Staying overnight at the Saskatchewan Crossing Hotel. If you are still alive by night we'll have a study of the first days' pictures. (//)


Day 6. After morning shooting and breakfast we set off towards the town of Lake Louise. In the evening we will try to get to the place of our morning shooting on Lake Moraine and choose locations for the next morning.(//)
Day 7. Lake Moraine will be the dish of the day today. Perhaps not everyone knows that the view we are shooting today is one of the most photographed Canadian landscapes. Local people jokingly call the Valley of the Ten Peaks which lies beyond Lake Moraine "A Twenty Dollar View" because from 1969 to 1979 this landscape was printed on Canadian 20-dollar banknotes. The thousand-years old peaks are reflected in the turquoise mirror of Lake Moraine. You may hold your breath or run out of memory cards in your camera but you will never get tired of admiring this landscape.
After breakfast we will drive to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Canada. It is located in the nearby Yoho Park and is called Takakkow which means "amazing" in the language of the local Cree Indian tribe. About 15 tons of water falls down from the height of 254 meters every second, turning into billions of tiny drops that glow in the sun rays when they reach the earth. Wrapped in this sparkling cloud, the waterfall looks solemn and mysterious. The day will end up with shooting the rapid mountain flow hiding in the clefts of the mountain range, or on Emerald Lake. (//)




Day 8. After the morning shoot on Emerald Lake we'll drive to the observation deck above Pieto Lake. You will be able to relax in the evening, and the most persistent will be offered to choose a couple of new locations. (//)
Day 9. After the morning shoot on Lake Louise, we pack up and slowly, so as not to miss anything interesting, move to our last point of this tour, the well-known town of Kennemore. You will spend this day on buying souvenirs and having a rest. Those who wish will be able to make "correction work" on lake Vermilion or Two Jack. In the evening we will arrange a farewell dinner for the whole team. (//D)
Day 10. Our adventure in the Rocky Mountains has come to an end. It's time to go home. After breakfast we leave for Calgary. We have to be at the airport by noon, return our cars and register for our flights. (//)
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Confirmation and implementation of such a trip depends on a number of factors, including weather conditions. We reserve the right to make any changes to the program, including the order of visiting the specified locations, but without changing their number.
This program is conducted in a self-drive format. This means that the group will travel in several off-road vehicles and each car will be driven by one of the "crew" members.
While forming the group, we will give priority to those participants who wants not only to take pictures but is also ready to drive a car along the most beautiful highway in the world.
The tour price includes:
A double hotel room (a single room is available on request);
Rent of off-roaders (4 people in a car); if you want an individual car for yourself or your couple just let us know and we will arrange everything;
Program management by an ADVENTURETIME guide;
Morning mists, grizzly bears, deer and mountain goats on the side of Transcanadian Highway;
Running a race with a deer (remind us and we will tell you a story).
The tour price doesn't include:
International airfare;
Health insurance;
Meals other than dinner on day 9;
Car fuel (shared equally between the number of passengers in the car).


Price $3500 USD 

Group limit 12 guests;


Payment terms

Your deposit of $1000 USD will hold your place in this trip. Further payment of $2000 USD is due by December 20, 2021. Final payment of $500 USD is due by 20 March, 2022. 


Cancellation and Refund Policy

We strongly recommend to get a trip cancellation insurance after booking your trip. If you cancel and the trip is completely filled, we will refund full amount you have paid. If you cancel and the trip isn't filled completely you will be refunded according to the following scheme, based on the full fee of the trip:

>180 days before the start date of the workshop: full refund;

>90 days: 75% refund

>60 days: 50% refund

<60 days: no refund 




A list of photo gear:
  • A tripod;
  • A camera;
  • A camera remote control;
  • A wide-angle lens 16-35/14-24/15-30 in a full-frame equivalent;
  • A standard zoom 24-70/24-105 in a full-frame equivalent;
  • A telephoto lens minimum 70-200;


A list of clothing:
  • Trekking boots with a hard fluted sole;
  • Light shoes for hotels;
  • Slippers or rubber flip-flops for shower;
  • A wind- and water-proof jacket (preferably with a membrane and a hood);
  • Trekking trousers;
  • A raincoat (recommended, in case of bad weather);
  • A fleece or knitted hat, wind-proof;
  • A fleece jacket;
  • Fleece gloves;
  • A headlamp and batteries for it;
  • Repellents and an anti-mosquito grid for the face;
  • Personal toiletries;
  • Rubber boots; 

Well? Still have questions? Just drop us a couple of words via WhatsApp or Viber +79857737282


Tour Leader 


Vladimir Kushnarev
Professional photographer and guide, mastermind and organizer of a travel project for keen photographers and photo enthusiasts. Works with groups from the USA, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.
Travel photographer of the year by the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT 19, 21.
Articles and publications in the following magazines: Aeroflot, Aeroflot Premium, Siberia, the Evening Moscow.
Contest-winner and prize-winner of international competitions:
  • First place, National Geographic 2017, Night Landscape section;
  • First place, National Geographic 2017, Planet Summer Competition;
  • First place, 35PhotoAwards, Daytime Landscape section;
  • Third place, PSA Arctic Awards, 2016;
  • Second place, Epson International Pano Awards, 2017;
  • Winner of the RGO international contest "The Most Beautiful Country", in the section “Indigenous Peoples of Russia”, 2018;
  • Third place, 35PhotoAwards, 2020, in the section of serial works “Everyday Life of People”.
Have some questions? You can write to us in WhatsApp  or Telegram  



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