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The Kuril Islands 1-15.09.2022

The Kuril Islands 1-15.09.2022


Who is this tour for?
First of all, it is for people who are in love with life, with new emotions and discoveries, for those who want to see the beauty of our big planet, who appreciate the company of like-minded people living a bright and daring life. Of course, if you like to pick up a camera, you will have many reasons to do so in our program. And our guide will be happy to show and tell you how to make your photos causing genuine envy among your colleagues and friends.
But even if you haven’t ever been really keen in photography, you will never feel bored with us. Leave along “feeling bored”!  You will feel v-e-e-e-ry excited staying with us. To see the landscapes of the most remote corner of our country, the Kuril Islands, to walk on hot stones that are breathing the heat of the Earth, to take a swim in hot lakes and springs, to visit and spend a night at Aniva Lighthouse built by the Japanese and now abandoned...
Haven't you been dreaming of such an adventure before?
Kunashir, Iturup, Sakhalin.
In the midst of the autumn of 2022, we have prepared for you a unique author's tour through the most impressive locations of the Kuril Ridge, the islands of Kunashir, Iturup and Sakhalin.
Hot lakes and fumarole fields, boiling rivers, blazing sunsets, the abandoned Aniva Lighthouse, and many, many other equally unique places are waiting for us. We will get to the locations of our route by jeeps, boats, a motor ship and two planes. The program includes two domestic flights between the islands and a night voyage on the ship "Igor Farkhutdinov".
The program format is quite active. You should be ready to walk on a trail of 3 to 8 kilometers in both directions. We will spend some of the nights in tents. These places are difficult to reach, and it is impossible to make it one light day, considering the time of the flights and the landings on one location.
Of course, staying in a gastronomic paradise, we will make sure to treat our guests with seafood: fresh and salted fish, caviar, scallop and other delicacies.
All special features of the route that you should pay attention to are described in detail in the travel PROGRAM.
So? The Kuril Islands are waiting for us! Are you ready?

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Day 0. 1.09. Departure to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. (The airport code is UUS).
Day 1. 2.09. Morning or afternoon arrival at the airport of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The airport code is UUS. Group transfer and check-in at the hotel. Having a rest after the flight. A welcome dinner. (//D)
Day 2. 3.09. Transfer to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport early in the morning and the flight to Kunashir. Transfer and check-in at the hotel. After lunch we will travel to Pervukhin Bay. Return to the hotel, rest. (B/L/D)
Day 3. 4.09. Early in the morning we will leave for hot lakes, Kipyashcheye and Goryacheye (Boiling and Hot). The track is 3 km long in one direction, with a climb of 150 meters, going through the fields of sasa (bambuchnik). From the crest of the volcano, you will be able to see the caldera of the Golovin Volcano, at the bottom of which there are lakes. Swimming in hot lakes is possible.
Brunch in a cafe. Rest. An evening journey to Cape Columnar (Cape Stolbchatiy). Cape Columnar is a unique natural object formed as a result of the extrusion of viscous lava and its instant solidification in the water. (B/Lb/D)




Day 4. 5.09. We will see this morning in on the Pacific side of the Island of Kunashir, at Devil's Finger Stack. Return to the hotel, breakfast. A trip to the fumarole fields of Mendeleev Volcano. Swimming in hot springs. The track is 1.5-2 hours long. (B/L/D)
Day 5. 5.09. Morning trip to Golovinsky Cliff. In the afternoon the group will be able to relax before the night transfer by boat to Iturup. Departure from the port at 8.00 pm. (B/L/D)
Day 6. 7.09. Arrival at Iturup at 9.00 am. Breakfast in a cafe on board the ship or on the shore. Check-in at the hotel. A trip to Baransky Volcano. There is a picturesque volcanic landscape on the slopes of the volcano: mud boilers, fumaroles, lakes with turquoise water, hot streams. Swimming in thermal springs. (B/L/D)




Day 7. 8.09. Breakfast in a cafe. A journey to the White Cliffs. We will set up a tent camp on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. There will be a generator running in the camp. Lunch and dinner in the expedition format. Today you will fall asleep with the sound of the waves of the Okhotsk Sea. Overnight in the tent camp. (B/L/D)
Day 8. 9.09. Early rise and meeting dawn on the White Cliffs. After breakfast, boats will arrive to take us along the coast of the Okhotsk Sea to the waterfall in Parusnaya Bay and the rocks in Tornaya Bay. There will be four people sitting in each boat. Return to the camp. Sunset on the White Cliffs. Overnight in the tent camp. (B/L/D)
Day 9. 10.09. Immediately after breakfast we will pack up the camp and return to the hotel. Lunch in a cafe. In the evening we will travel to Yankito Lava Plateau. Return to the hotel, rest, dinner, going to sleep. (B/L/)




Day 10. 11.09. A trip to the coast of the Pacific Ocean, to grottos and ships stranded on the beach. After lunch, transfer to the airport and departure to Sakhalin. Check-in at the hotel. (B/L/D)
Day 11. 12.09. We will travel to the village of Novikovo, get into boats and set off towards Aniva Lighthouse. An excursion around the lighthouse, staying overnight in one or two rooms of the lighthouse. Meals in the camping format. (B/Lb/D)
Day 12. 13.09. After breakfast at the lighthouse, boats will arrive to take us back to the village of Novikovo. Transfer to Ptichiy (Bird) Cape where we will set up a camp. As an option, we can stay another night at the lighthouse, if we are not lucky with the weather on the first day. (B/Lb/D)
Day 13. 14.09. We will pack up the camp if we are at Cape Ptichiy, or return from the lighthouse to the village of Novikovo. Transfer to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Check-in at the hotel, having a rest. (B/L/D)
Day 14. 15.09. Breakfast, transfer to the airport, flying home. (B//)


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Local residents say that "you can find out the weather forecast for tomorrow the day after tomorrow". Having appreciated their sense of humour, we inform you that daytime temperature in early autumn on the Kuril Islands will stay in the range of +20C to +25C, and night temperature will be +15C to +20C. Your clothing must meet the specified temperature conditions.
Foreign citizens will need to obtain a special permit from the border service of the FSB of Russia to stay in the border zone. We will take care of the registration of such a permit. The application for the permit is submitted at least 2 months before the start of the program.
The cost of participation in the expedition includes:
  • All transfers in the program;
  • The group guidance by two professional guides with many years of experience on the route;
  • The work of an expedition cook at campsites;
  • Meals according to the program (B-breakfast/L-lunch(Lb-lunch box)/D-dinner);
  • Rent and fuel for our cars;
  • Registration of permits for staying in the border zone;
  • Rent of tents (you must bring your personal sleeping bag for the comfort temperature of +10 to +15C);
  • Domestic Flight cost from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Kunashir, day 2;
  • Domestic Flight cost from Iturup to Sakhalin, day 10;
  • Ship transfer from Kunashir to Iturup, accommodation in double cabins with amenities, day 4;
  • Hotel accommodation in a double room, days 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13;
  • Camp accommodation in double tents, days 6, 7 and 11, 12.
The price does not include:
  • Flight to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (airport code UUS);
  • Single accommodation in all sections of the program (+€400 EUR). We will not be able to provide single accommodation during the overnight stay at Aniva Lighthouse;
  • Extra baggage in excess of the fare (23+5 kg) on domestic flights included in the program;
  • Personal expenses;
  • Visa fees;
  • Health insurance;
  • Alcoholic beverages.





The cost of participation is  €3950 EUR
Group of 12 people; 10 places available.
Especially for those who are fond of photography, we would like to add that, according to the established practice, only six to eight people from the group bring photo equipment. The others enjoy new impressions, emotions and seeing new places. So, you will not have to crowd and push each other on the shooting site.
Payment terms:
A deposit of €1500 EUR will reserve your place in the program. The second payment of €1500 EUR is due by December, 1, 2021. The final payment of €950 EUR is due by May, 1, 2022. If you book after May, 1, 2021 the full cost of participation is paid.
Cancellation of Booking:
If you are unable to participate in the program, or if you cancel, provided that the group is full, we will refund the full amount you have paid. If, after your cancellation, the group is still incomplete, we will refund the price you have paid in accordance with the following schedule based on 100% of the tour price:
>180 days before the start of the tour: full refund;
>90 days: 75% refund;
>60 days: 50% refund;
<60 days: non-refundable.
List of photo equipment for those who want to shoot:
  • A tripod;
  • A camera;
  • A remote control of the camera;
  • A wide-angle lens 16-35/14-24/15-30 in full-frame equivalent;
  • A standard zoom 24-70/24-105 in full-frame equivalent;
  • A telephoto lens minimum 70-200;
  • A drone for photo and video shooting (optional).
  • Trekking boots with a hard fluted sole;
  • Light shoes for hotels;
  • Slippers or rubber flip-flops for shower;
  • A wind- and water-proof jacket (preferably with a membrane and a hood);
  • Trekking pants;
  • A raincoat (recommended, in case of bad weather);
  • A sun protection hat;
  • Thermal underwear (in case of cold weather);
  • A headlamp and extra batteries;
  • Repellents and an anti-mosquito grid;
  • Personal toiletries;
  • An inflatable hiking mat (you will be provided with an ordinary hiking mat, but we recommend that you should take an inflatable one for more comfortable accommodation);
  • A camping pillow;
  • Rubber boots or UGC shoe covers;
  • Swimming trunks, swimsuits for thermal springs.


Tour Leader 


Vladimir Kushnarev
Professional photographer and guide, mastermind and organizer of a travel project for keen photographers and photo enthusiasts. Works with groups from the USA, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.
Travel photographer of the year by the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT 19, 21.
Articles and publications in the following magazines: Aeroflot, Aeroflot Premium, Siberia, the Evening Moscow.
Contest-winner and prize-winner of international competitions:
  • First place, National Geographic 2017, Night Landscape section;
  • First place, National Geographic 2017, Planet Summer Competition;
  • First place, 35PhotoAwards, Daytime Landscape section;
  • Third place, PSA Arctic Awards, 2016;
  • Second place, Epson International Pano Awards, 2017;
  • Winner of the RGO international contest "The Most Beautiful Country", in the section “Indigenous Peoples of Russia”, 2018;
  • Third place, 35PhotoAwards, 2020, in the section of serial works “Everyday Life of People”.
Have some questions? You can write to us in WhatsApp  or Telegram  



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