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Kamchatka. July 8-16.22

Kamchatka. July 8-16.22


Who is the tour for?
First of all, it's for people who are in love with life – new emotions and new discoveries... It's for those who would like to see the beauty of our big world with one's own eyes. Also, for those who value the company of like-minded friends living brightly and boldly.
And of course, if you like holding a camera in your hands you'll have lots of reasons to do it during our programme. And our guide will take pleasure to teach you how to have photos making your friends and colleagues really jealous.
But even if you aren't a devoted photo camera user you won't feel bored with us. Don't even mention being bored... You'll be toooootally carried away: to see the "Martian" landscapes of Kamchatka from helicopter and to see dozens of bears fishing several steps away from you... Haven't you been dreaming of such an adventure?
Read our description to go into detail or ask your own questions! We're waiting for them...
And, of course, for you!!!




Land Of Bears. 

Everything in the world goes round. From the birth and flourishing to extinction and complete fusion with the Universe.

It's not us who determine whether this circle is large or small, although we are sure of the opposite.

The two circles of life – one deep in the ocean and the other on land – go most all their way independently of each other, but there is a place on earth where they will intersect and become a common story. A survival story.

This place is called Kamchatka.

Every July herds of millions of ocean-going salmon are filled up with fry who slip into the ocean from swift freshwater rivers. And for many years the fry will keep growing and gaining weight until a strange signal sends them back, a few thousand kilometers far from their habitat. How and in what magic way would they find this only route, first through the deep dark ocean and then through the tangle of rivers, streams and brooks, to find themselves in the very place, the very river where they were born a few years ago?

It's more like a miracle, like magic. But no one really knows how it happens. Every year several millions of salmon of different breed take their final trip to the rivers of Kamchatka, to find the place of their birth, give life to their offspring and to dissolve forever.

This life circle, taking place for hundreds or thousands of years again and again, unexpectedly gives life energy to another circle, this time on land. The life circle of Kamchatka bears.

On the first warm days in May, the bears come out of their dens, driven by hunger and the instinct of taking care of their cubs. Half asleep, just a few weeks after their hibernation, they survive on fresh grass, roots and some insects. The summer in Kamchatka will be very short, and soon the bears' life will depend only on salmon and on whether the bear gains enough fat before the next hibernation, to survive till spring.

Enjoy the show.


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July 8, 2022: Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (the code of airport is PKC). Check in. Couple of hours to have a rest. At dinner we'll talk about the itinerary in detail, making sure everyone is fully prepared for the journey. (//)
July 9, 2022: The tour begins with a full day driving tour (about 500 km), to the small village  where we will have an overnight in a local guesthouse. (//D)
July 10, 2022: Out next destination is Dvukhurtochnoe Lake. A one hour transfer by helicopter (MI-8) will take us to the Lake Lodge. Right after lunch we will walk (800m) to our shooting location at the bank of the river.  (B/L/D)
July 11-14, 2022: Lake is really famous as the home of brown bears in their natural habitat. We'll completely plunge into photographing and observing these gorgeous animals hunting countless salmon that gathers here during the summer months. You'll be able to see as many as a hundred bears over a few days.
The Kamchatkan brown bear is very large and can be compared in size only to the famous Kodiak bear of Alaska. We'll photograph these amazing animals in their natural environment, getting the most incredible experience ever possible in wild life.
The bears are totally busy with fishing, so they will allow us to get really close and shoot our best pics.
We can guarantee safety as there will be an experienced armed guards in our team. Each morning and evening we will go to our shooting location because bears are more active at this time.
During the day time you can relax in the hot spring or fishing for salmon on the boat. All necessary gear for fishing is provided. (B/L/D)
July 15, 2022: It's time to return to civilization. Mi-8 and private bus will take us to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. (B//)

 July 16, 2022: It's here that our expedition will be over. Flights home from Petropavlovsk anytime after 9:30 AM today.(//) 


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The Weather: Kamchatka's climate is as diverse as its flora and fauna. There are four definite seasons on this peninsula (with warm summers and cool winters) but there are many different climatic zones depending on the latitude as well as on the closeness to the sea and even geo-thermal activity.
So sometimes it's hard to predict temperature and rainfall.
During the daytime temperatures rise up to 10–25° C (50–75° F), but overnight at our highest locations the temperature may drop slightly below freezing, to -5° C (23° F). You can expect it to be quite humid in some areas, and there can be lots of mosquitos at places. Rain showers and even light snow is possible, especially in the mountains.





  • Pick up and drop off at Elizovo airport (international code PKC);
  • Professional photography guidance by an award-winning wildlife photographer with vast experience in Kamchatka;
  • Accommodation in a double room 3* while in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky;
  • Accommodation in a double room at the Lake Lodge (all rooms are in a wooden style);
  • Meals according to the itinerary (meal in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is not included);
  • Round way helicopter transfer to the lake Lodge;
  • Full board meal at the Lake Lodge (vegetarian option is for free);
  • Parking fees and boat service at Kronotsky Natural park;
  • Visa support (we will provide a tourist voucher for your visa application);
  • International airfare to/from Elizovo airport (the international code is PKC);
  • Visa fee (if applicable);
  • Personal expenses, such as: drinks, tickets, satellite phone calls from Lake Lodge, etc.;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Single room supplement $800 USD;
  • Drone permit $500 USD;
  • Tips to the staff at the Lake Lodge (usually it is $50-100 USD from 1 participant)
  • Alcohol drinks;






Price $3900 USD

Group limit 10-14 guests


Payment terms

Your deposit of $2000 USD will hold your place in this workshop. Final payment is due by March 1st, 2022.  


Cancellation and Refund Policy

We strongly recommend to get a trip cancellation insurance after booking your trip. If you cancel and the trip is completely filled, we will refund full amount. If you cancel and the trip isn't filled completely you will be refunded according to the following scheme, based on the full fee of the workshop:

>180 days before the start date of the workshop: full refund;

>90 days: 75% refund;

>60 days: 50% refund;

<60 days: no refund;

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A list of photo gear for those who want to shoot:
  • A tripod;
  • A camera;
  • A standard zoom 24-70/24-105 in a full-frame equivalent;
  • A telephoto lens for wildlife photography 100-400; 150-600 or 60-600 or fixes 600/800/...;
  • A drone for photo and video shooting (optional special permit required); 


A list of necessary equipment:
  • Trekking boots with a hard fluted sole;
  • Light shoes for hotels;
  • Slippers or rubber flip-flops for a shower;
  • A wind- and water-proof jacket (preferably with a membrane and a hood);
  • Trekking trousers;
  • A raincoat (recommended, in case of bad weather);
  • A fleece or knitted hat, wind-proof;
  • A fleece jacket;
  • Fleece gloves;
  • Thermal underwear in case of cold weather;
  • Repellents and an anti-mosquito grid for the face;
  • Personal toiletries;
  • Rubber boots (depends on the weather). If it is rainy better to have it; 


Our guards 



 Rooms and the dining room



Menu in a local style



 The toilet and the shower


Tour Leader 


Vladimir Kushnarev
Professional photographer and guide, mastermind and organizer of a travel project for keen photographers and photo enthusiasts. Works with groups from the USA, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.
Travel photographer of the year by the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT 19, 21.
Articles and publications in the following magazines: Aeroflot, Aeroflot Premium, Siberia, the Evening Moscow.
Contest-winner and prize-winner of international competitions:
  • First place, National Geographic 2017, Night Landscape section;
  • First place, National Geographic 2017, Planet Summer Competition;
  • First place, 35PhotoAwards, Daytime Landscape section;
  • Third place, PSA Arctic Awards, 2016;
  • Second place, Epson International Pano Awards, 2017;
  • Winner of the RGO international contest "The Most Beautiful Country", in the section “Indigenous Peoples of Russia”, 2018;
  • Third place, 35PhotoAwards, 2020, in the section of serial works “Everyday Life of People”.
Have some questions? You can write to us in WhatsApp  or Telegram  



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