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About domestic deer and hands smelling of bread



Yes, deers are also domesticated. Almost like dogs or hamsters. This happens quite often when the mom who has had a baby suddenly dies. In this case, reindeer herders take the orphan to stay in their skin tent. They feed it with bread and milk and the baby even sleeps in the hut if the weather is bad or in case of spring frosts, just like a cat by the fireplace.

By next winter the "orphan" gets too big for the hut as it is already the size of a young deer. And so it will be sent back to the herd, to his relatives, with a bright ribbon around his neck, showing something like "this one is ours, tamed". 

Such a deer will remain tamed for all its life and won't ever be killed for food or sold. It's a kind of a lifelong indulgence for an orphan's fate. 

Also, it will remember the hands that fed the baby, as well as the nurse. And every time the reindeer herders bring their herd closer to their tents, this domestic deer runs to look for its hut, ready to bury its wet nose in these hands which smell of the deer's childhood and of bread.

That's the story for you.

And I'm going to Yamal again, with a new group and to stay with a new family.
Looking forward to more stories and, of course, more photos.
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