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Svalbard. A couple of pics and a couple of words about the North.

What's it like - the North? It's alive, just like people! One day it's bursting out with a wide range of colours, the other it's dull and gloomy like an autumn day, or it's melancholically reserved and detached.
So, it's just like us... It can be suffering strong storms and snowstorms, or all of a sudden it can grant you a stingy smile of a short northern summer. Also, it's tremendously immense, with its endless sky filled with gold and lead, with its deep blue sea when the sounder on the ship is showing dashes instead of a three-digit number... And one feels ill at ease... You aren't really scared, no! But at that moment you start realizing the actual size of it and the grandeur, and the idea that a man is King on Earth sound nonsense.
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